Trainings and Workshops


Youth with Disabilities Forum continuously, throughout the year, organizes trainings and workshops for improving the competencies of people with disabilities in the labor market.

The modern labor market requires from job seekers to constantly work on developing existing and acquiring new skills, in order to be more competitive on the labor market, and then to better respond to new work tasks. The existing education system is focused on acquiring formal knowledge to perform a specific job, without programs that will focus on development of soft skills that were identified as an advantage by employers. According to this, attending additional training and workshops have become an imperative of modern trends in the labor market.

Some of the topics of the workshops are:

Communication skills

Presentation skills


Job search strategy

Stress Management Techniques

Seeking for a job

Motivation and self-confidence

Office job

How to keep a job?

Poslovni bonton

Time management

Writing a biography (CV)

Sales skills


Youth with Disabilities Forum publishes calls for upcoming trainings and workshops on its website News well as on its facebook page..