Within the Program for employment of persons with disabilities, Youth with Disabilities Forum provides support to employers in the process of recruitment, selection and employment of persons with disabilities, by implementing the following activities:

1. Training for employment of people with disabilities Building and strengthening the capacities of employers for the process of employment persons with disabilities through the implementation of the Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

Target groups: HR sector, managers, other employees. Number of participants:

Number of partitions: to 20

Topics: Raising awareness on "disability"; Communication; Use of terminology; Overcoming prejudices and stereotypes; Working abilities of persons with disabilities; Adjusting workplace and tasks.

Duration: 4 hours

Time and place : In accordance with the agreement.

2. Pre-selection of candidates from the Youth with Disabilities Forum’s database - Selection of the candidates with the corresponding qualifications for open job position. Forwarding biographies to the employer.

3. Publication of a public call for candidates for open job position. za određenu poziciju.

4. INTERNSHIP - Providing biographies of youth with disabilities interested in attending internship.

5. Consultative and advisory services in any segment of the recruitment and selection process: job analysis, interviewing, adjusting workplace and tasks, disability in general.

The companies we cooperated with:

Societe Generale Bank Serbia, Delta Holding, Delhaize Serbia, IDEA, Delta DMD, Orion Telekom, Delta Generali, Delta Motors, Axa insurance, Tehnomanija, Dufry, SBB, Farmalogist, GI Group, Fly Fly Travel, IKEA, Elektroprivreda Serbia, Mercator - S, Serbia Kargo, Wurth, Ernst & Young, Nestle Adriatic S, Protective Workshop Ltd. Belgrade, G4S

Employers interested in cooperation with Youth with Disabilities Forum can contact us by mail office@fmi.rs or by phone +381 11 3220632.